Italian Mutual Aid Society hosts love&humanity

On April 23th 2017 under the leadership of Claudio Antoniali, the hosted the Charity Fundraiser at Roma Hall to raise money in support of people with disabilities from Richmond Centre for Disability. The event was a big success together with additional campaign activities. The event was filled with great entertainment including a performance by live band. Claudio Antoniali, extends a great thank you to all the sponsors and the participants that have generously donated. He also recognized the bowling league who also were closing their season and handing out certificates for their achievements. Well done!
Funds raised will benefit this humanitarian initiative, helping those most in need.
“The Richmond Centre for Disability (RCD), formerly the Richmond Committee on Disability, was established in 1985 through the joint effort of United Way of the Lower Mainland, the Special Needs and Social Planning departments of the City of Richmond and a number of people with disabilities from the community. The RCD serves as an advisory body and spokes group to local government, business and the community on issues and barriers faced by people with disabilities and through its work has contributed to the overall physical and attitudinal accessibility of the community. The RCD’s purpose is to give people with disabilities the opportunity to participate in the community to the fullest extent of their ability and to improve their quality of life by working for: Inclusion, Independence & Empowerment.
​The RCD sends a big thank you to the Italian Mutual Aid Society ​for choosing the RCD as their Charity for the proceeds from the Charity Banquet held at the Roma Hall on April 22 2017”, said to us Vince Miele Chairman, Richmond Centre for Disability.



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