Burnaby Lakers Tyke One Lacrosse Season Started

Great start to the Season, Burnaby Lakers Tyke One team’s hard work in practices pays off. Branded as one of the fastest game on two feet, lacrosse is recently becoming a spring sport of choice for many children of Italian and European ancestry in Burnaby. Originally an Aboriginal game, Lacrosse is Canada’s official summer sport and has deep roots in the Lower Mainland. A compliment to soccer, the fast pace of lacrosse is a perfect balance of cardio vascular endurance focusing both on both aerobic and anaerobic conditioning. Speed and agility are essential as well as an attitude of perseverance and grit as it is a game that demands a physical presence on both ends of the court, states Sean Gaster, head coach.
Burnaby Lakers Tyke one has just started their season and are making the move from a half-court game in the previous season to playing on a full arena size surface for this year. This is a whole lot of running for these little 7 year old legs but I have been amazed to see the player’s confidence and fitness improve steadily since beginning of practices a few weeks ago, says Sean Gaster whose son Liam plays on the team. Liam’s mother Nelly who has northern Italian heritage knew little about lacrosse until she married her husband who grew up playing the sport himself. She has learned to appreciate the game and has been most recently impressed with the level of physicality and skill needed to be confident and do well at the sport.
Assistant coach Greg Hiltz and Manager Christina Rai, son Jackson Hiltz and a group of core players with European ancestry attend Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic School in Vancouver and a number of other players such as Levi Cucca whose father Johnny helps on the bench have Italian roots in Burnaby.
It has been great to see the players develop personal relationships with each other, become more and more confident and learn to work together as a team says Gaster.
Not only is there a core group of players with Italian ancestry, but we have lots of diversity from many other cultural communities represented Gaster says. It is still early in the season but the level of intensity and physicality the boys demonstrated in the game this weekend was incredible says Gaster.
For little seven years olds we sure saw their dedication, persistence and hard work in practice pay off today in the game. If these boys keep up this level of play they are going to be in fantastic shape and ready for soccer season in September, Gaster stated.
If you are reading this and think you may know a child interested in lacrosse please contact the Burnaby Minor Lacrosse Association to find out how you can get involved.www.burnabylacrosse.teamsnapsites.com
Frank Cucca



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