We will do all we can to provide a successful event for you

The new President of Roma Hall, Claudio Antoniali, kindly took the time out of his very busy schedule to share his  experience and expertise in Event Management and not only. Claudio is a highly qualified events, marketing,  maintenance manager, consulting and training practitioner.

MARCO POLO Can you tell us about Roma Hall history?
CLAUDIO ANTONIALI The Italian Mutual Aid Society was founded in 1929 by a group of immigrants who’s aim was to provide mutual assistance, moral support, educational services for new immigrants, and recreational and social opportunities for it’s members. With the increasing numbers of immigrants settling in New Westminster between 1929 and in the early 60’s there was a large increase in it’s membership.
The existing Roma Hall on Ewen Avenue in New Westminster started as a small meeting space. Over the past 88 years the Roma Hall has gone through many changes and expansions to keep up with the times and needs of the community.
The Society supports its Italian ethnic background and cultural objectives by providing many activities for it’s members and the community.
MARCO POLO How big is the hall, how many guests can you accommodate?
CLAUDIO ANTONIALI The Roma Hall has two halls which offers a main hall which hosts up to 250 guests comfortably.
In addition, a separate hall which can hold exclusively 60-70 guests comfortably.
MARCO POLO How did you get into Event Management?
CLAUDIO ANTONIALI I have been a member since 1977 and has held several positions in the Council.
Organizing membership services and catering events through the years has given me the skills and experience to support the Event Management.
MARCO POLO What does it take to be a good event manager?
CLAUDIO ANTONIALI As with any good relationship it is understanding and engaging with the event from the beginning relationship. An honest relationship that both parties plan to hold their event at the hall and for the hall to be able to provide excellent services which will provide great experiences for the host and their guests. We feel very proud that our IMAS Roma Hall has a great reputation of service and a lot of memories for a number of special occasions and memories.
MARCO POLO What are some of the challenges you think are part of this work?
CLAUDIO ANTONIALI IMAS Roma Hall is a non profit society, the management of the Society and hall are by a Council of 10 volunteers. It is important that the Council moves forward with a plan to provide services to host successful events. The challenges in the week are to ensure there are clear plans of what the week has committed to and that the approved plans and authorities are in place to execute the services for a successful event.
MARCO POLO Why do you think people should choose you hall over others? What do you offer?
CLAUDIO ANTONIALI The Roma Hall is well known for it’s great food, great venue and great people.
The people of the Roma Hall look to welcome everyone with a warm smile and the opportunity to help others enjoy the Italian heritage and new ventures. It is a special hidden treasure in the centre of metro Vancouver.
The Roma Hall provides services where we offer home made lasagna, cannelloni, different kinds of sauces, and also pastries available to it’s members and the public.
The Roma Hall is excited that this spring 2017 the interior and hardwood dance floor has been refurbished which is well sought after for hours of dancing.
The Roma Hall is centrally located and close to transit, taxi and limousine services.
Roma Hall in Queensboro, New Westminster is surrounded immediately by Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, Delta, Coquitlam, Surrey, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, and Langley.
MARCO POLO Who is part of you team at Roma Hall?
CLAUDIO ANTONIALI As a non profit Society the IMAS runs the Roma Hall as a venue to support the memberships life changing events for its members and others.
An ability to support additional services such as weddings, exclusive strategic business rooms, event support, and much more. In order to run an organization such as ours you need a team of dedicated and insightful people. The Administrative Council of 10 have equal power.
The Society is one, the council is 10 and the plan is ONE for service excellence:
Claudio Antoniali, President
Vince Gentile, Vice President
Giancarlo Spagnol, Secretary Treasuer
Carmela DiFrancesco, Health&Mutual Aid Director
Maria Robinson, Corresponding Secretary
Romeo Bordignon, Banquet Coordinator
Peter Martinello, Sports Coordinator
Teresa Brustolin, Social Coordinator
Carlo Benacchio, Bartender Services
Andreino Gazzola, Hall Manager
MARCO POLO What is your message for our readers?
CLAUDIO ANTONIALI I would like to let people know that the Roma Hall is a great venue for all of your event space and catering needs. We hope we can provide a great venue for your special event. Some event support run from weddings, business parties, fund raising dinner and dances, festive parties, birthdays, anniversaries and allot lot more. The Roma Hall can provide a great space, food, and a fantastic atmosphere for your event. We will do all we can to provide a successful event for you. For more information, visit our website at http://www.romahall.com


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