Blues senza regole

March 22 2017, Italian blues singer Zucchero came back to Vancouver with his concert at the Vogue Theatre after 3 years. To say this was one of the musical highlights of the year would be a monumental understatement.
I own everything put out by Zucchero since his career first began in the mid 1980’s, including his latest album release titled Black Cat. The warm music of zucchero lit up the Vogue Theatre Wednesday night, bringing a little bit of Italy to one of the city’s oldest concert venues.
Zucchero, which means sugar in Italian (real name: adelmo Fornaciari), brings it, and then gives it. He loves what he does, which is obvious from his two-hour sets and plenty of unexpected and unrehearsed impromptu show-stopping moments. There’s no lip-syncing in this show. It’s entirely authentic from start to finish. He’s not the best singer, or guitar player, or pianist, of course. But combine his passion with the gift of melody and he’s the real deal. Wednsday night, he essentially performed every song we wanted to hear, then stayed for three encores. zucchero is enormously popular over in europe, especially Italy and throughout Eastern Europe. He’s performed duets with everyone from Luciano Pavarotti to John Lee Hooker (before they died, obviously). Unlike many of his previous grand spectacles with full
orchestras and a symphony of sound, this was a much smaller, more compact version of the normal grandiosity which accompanies his shows. In fact, zucchero’s current North American tour consists of just him and his four-person band. Zucchero has sold 50 million records worldwide and owns a highly-profitable wine vineyard in Tuscany. zucchero’s musical influences, largely blues and gospel sounds of the American South. It would be difficult if not
impossible to upstage zucchero’s boundless energy or natural charm on the stage.
Imagine the voice of patti LaBelle and the guitar prowess of Buddy Guy, and that’s Zucchero’s sidekick. In fact, He converses with his audience in Italian between songs, but keeps the narrative to a minimum. that many people reading this likely don’t understand Italian or know his music doesn’t matter. The crowd of mainly italian-canadians from 20-something couples to
grandparents lapped it up: dancing and singing along to his lyrics. He confessed that he doesn’t know what the song means or says sometimes, but interprets it in his own way. That’s the magic of music, he says. It makes me happy. I hope my music can make other people happy, too. Zucchero said there’s a message in his story for North Americans. He says we should listen more to the rest of the world’s music. It doesn’t matter what language it comes in. Music is music and beautiful music is beautiful in any language. After all, most opera is in Italian, Zucchero joked. At Vogue theatre, most of his audience was italian, who made the show into a give and take. It was nice to see so much interaction between a stage performer (especially someone of Zucchero’s stature) and an audience, giving the evening an intimate nightclub feel.
our seats were no more than perhaps 30 feet away. We could see the sweat pouring off his face as a drenched performer gave his audience the show they wanted to see.
As I said, the downside to attending live concerts nowadays is that they attract all kinds of people. the concert was proof to someone who hadn’t seen Zucchero live in concert before that his success isn’t smoke and mirrors but genuine, real talent. There’s no doubt Vancouverians love Zucchero. My only wish is that Zucchero comes back here more often!
Try and check out Zucchero if you can. His 2017 Black Cat World tour continues with dates in Toronto, Montreal, New York, Chicago, and elsewhere (other 8 more cities in US). Click his website for tickets and show information



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