70 year anniversary for one of East Vancouver’s iconic catholic schools

Located in the heart of east Vancouver at the corner of Victoria Drive and Venables Street, Saints Francis of Assisi Elementary small school is now into its 70th year of operations inspiring students of all faiths and diversities to be responsible individuals, life long learners and instilling in its long list of students who have passed through its doors the values of the Roman Catholic Church. To celebrate this momentous occasion, a special Archbishops Blessing Mass will take place at Saint Francis of Assisi Parish located on Napier Street off Semlin Drive on Tuesday April 18th at 9:15am, which will be officiated by parish pastor Father Eugenio Aloisio and his eminence Archbishop Michael Miller, with a reception to follow back at SFA School.  Additionally, on Friday May 12th, the school will be hosting a Platinum Gala to commemorate the 70th anniversary and all alumni, former teachers, parish members and community members are welcome to attend. The schools future includes a new school building and proceeds from this gala will benefit the building fund. The schools website has more information about donating and the projects timeline. If you or anyone you know attended the school as a student or teacher and would like to share any old photographs, memorabilia and stories then please visit the schools website to register as an alumni http://www.sfaschool.ca or call 604 253 7311.


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