I hope to bring a little of Italy to you for an evening!

Di Giorgio Moretti
MARCO POLO: Ciao Zucchero! Where abouts in Italy are you from ?
ZUCCHERO: I am from Roncocesi but I have lived for many many years in Tuscany.
MARCO POLO: A man from a small village going onto sell over 60 million albums worldwide which is really impressive. Do you feel compelled to keep making music ?
ZUCCHERO: Thank you! Oh absolutely, music is in my blood, it runs through my veins it is my passion.
MARCO POLO: It seems like you were born with a guitar and microphone in your hand. Did you start at a very young age?
ZUCCHERO: Yes! I sang at school and with my choir in my town and was in my first band in 1970.
MARCO POLO: You’ve played with numerous popular English-speaking artists (Eric Clapton, Ray Charles, BB King, Sting, Bryan Adams, Bono to Sheryl Crow) and have received their recognition and praise but Italian music doesn’t seem to have caught on in the American market. Why do you think that is ?
ZUCCHERO: I do not have an answer to that but I love making music and will continue to do so – if people like it that makes me happy. There are a lot of artists out there, a lot of choice for everybody.
MARCO POLO: You’ve crossed borders in music so far that you’ve even worked in opera with the likes of Luciano Pavarotti and Andrea Bocelli. Your voice is really rock timbre while their’s was more of a high note. Is it a matter of complimentary vocals on your collaborations with opera singers ?
ZUCCHERO: I think our voices have complimented each other and the tracks we recorded together were very well received.
MARCO POLO: Have there been times on tour when your voice has just given out ?
ZUCCHERO: No never – my voice is my instrument and I look after it very well.
MARCO POLO: Most people would be aware that your name, Zucchero means sugar in Italian ?
ZUCCHERO: A nick name given to me by one of my teachers at school! Well yes if they know the Italian language for sure.
MARCO POLO: What is typically Italian about Zucchero ?
ZUCCHERO: Well (laughs) my language, my taste in foods – I love Italy of course.
MARCO POLO: Let’s talk about Black Cat Tour. Tell us what we can expect from your tour coming up in Vancover ?
ZUCCHERO: I will be playing tracks from my new album Black Cat’ alongside all of my hits and songs the fans love. It is a great production – very exciting.
MARCO POLO: What do you know about Canada and in particularly Vancover ?
ZUCCHERO: I have visited Canada before on tour – we don’t get much time off for looking around but I know you have the famous bridge Capilano & the largest collection of totem poles in Stanley Park.
MARCO POLO: So what do you do when your not recording ? What is a typical day for you like?
ZUCCHERO: I own a farm so I love to spend time on that. I love to see my family and friends spend some quality time with them.
MARCO POLO: Grazie Mille Zucchero ! On a final note, do you have a special message for our Italian-Canadian community from British Columbia?
ZUCCHERO: I am very much looking forward to seeing you on my tour and I hope to bring a little of Italy to you for an evening!
Grazie Giorgio!


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