The Story of the Comedian Enrico Rennella

Di Frank Cucca
Enrico was born in Paris, on April First Fool’s Day. Destiny? Probably so! Born from the union of a Neapolitan father and a Parisian mother, Enrico carries within him the perfect mixture of la dolce vita and the savoir faire from two of the most beautiful cities in the world. He is Italian, that’s for sure but he spent many years of his life in the City of Lights.
At the age of one though he moved to Naples, Italy, where he did most of his growing up and where he mastered the art of comedy. Enrico worked hard to achieve his dreams. He tackled every and any job available to provide for himself and carve out his career as a future showman. He’s been everything from a waiter to restaurant owner, from a clerk to a nightclub manager. All this time he knew he wanted to preform in front of an audience so did not get discouraged.
Enrico grew up in the Posillipo area of Naples where his parents established a factory for women’s clothing. He is one of 7 siblings having 5 brothers and one sister. At the tender age of 15 Enrico performed his first show in Ischia, an island just off Naples.
In his 20’s Enrico moved back to Paris and continued to pursue his dreams. He began performing all over Europe, in countries like Belgium, France and Switzerland. Enrico was asked by CHIN radio, an Italian radio station in Toronto to do a show. While in Toronto Enrico instantly fell in love with the local Italian-Canadian community who is proud of its cultural identity and eager to embrace his style of comedy. Undoubtedly Enrico decided to immigrate to Canada. It is in Toronto that Enrico has settled his roots and has grown as an artist. His first show in Toronto was in September of 2011 and since then he has done performances in Montreal, Hamilton, Ottawa, Windsor, New York, Boston, Detroit, Paris, London Naples, Brussels and Lugano. Having been very successful in Eastern Canada, Enrico was now ready to tackle the West. Enrico and his manager reached out to the Campani Society in Vancouver in hopes of getting a show organized in the Lower mainland. Enrico instantly captured the hearts of the Westerners and the first Vancouver show was performed at the newly renovated York Theater in May of 2014. The show was such a success that Enrico returned for another performance in October 2015. Enrico is continuing to make his mark in the Vancouver area and is establishing quite a following.
What separates Enrico from other comedians? Firstly, being able to speak three languages fluently, his audience is quite diverse. His stand-up comedy tells a story and in many performances, incorporates a live band with music to accompany his act and tell his story. He interacts with and engages the audience. Enrico refers to himself as a one-man show, singing and dancing on stage while interacting with members of his audience. Enrico is a talented comedian from Italy. His style is unique, effervescent and down right hilarious. He has won the love of his audiences worldwide and continues to amuse and entertain with always fresh and new material. With dozens of sold out shows, Enrico is ready to push forward and bring his comedy to the rest of the world. Enrico will be in Vancouver to do a show on April 1st (no April fools joke) 2017 at the Centennial theater in North Vancouver. Hope to see you there!
Article by: Joe Rea
For tickets you can contact:
Joe (604) 999-1842
John (604)818-2231


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