The future of tiles

We’re proud to feature Sara Corra’, COO, C&S Group of Operations. The C&S Group consists of three companies; C&S Tile, Margranite and APS Precast. C&S Tile and Margranite feature exquisite tile and stone materials of the utmost quality to the greater Vancouver area and as far east as Manitoba. The showroom was redone few years ago and it’s definitelly designer-friendly, says Sara Corra’ daugther of the founder Claudio Corra’ (who is stile actively involved in the company, including attending trade shows). They can sit down at the table and basically just play around in the show room, trying out combinations of tiles. We also have design-oriented staff to offer advice and ideas. several people told us that we offer so much variety that they feel like kids in the candy store.
Let’s welcome Sara as she shares her insight, tips and trends.
Marco Polo Tell us a bit about who you are and the type of customers you serve
Sara Corra’ I am a CGA with a degree in Business Management. I have worked in the family business for over 25 years. Our customers range from homeowners (retailers), to contractors and installers. We also service Architects and Designers throughout all areas of British Columbia to Manitoba.
MP Why do customers come to you? What do you provide that other companies in your area don’t?
SC We have over 50 years in the industry. We have many repeat loyal customers. Our contractors and installers also refer their clientele to our showroom. We provide a one-stop shop where you can purchase tile and slab for your entire house or commercial project.
MP How do you intend to maintain your Italian heritage once your products are distributed in North America?
SC The majority of our product is manufactured in Italy. We travel to Italy 2 to 3 times a year to purchase tile and slabs through tradeshows and factory visits.
MP What is your source of inspiration in the industry?
SC I am inspired when I learn that our customers have fallen in love with the products we have purchased as much as I do.
MP Tell us more about the personality of the company.
SC We are all one big family, we work hard to play hard.
MP What are your most popular products and why? What do people get really excited about?
SC We always have something new to show and hopefully it is different from our competitors. We bring in about 10-15 new tile lines a year and we are always bringing in new stones for Margranite (slab) to keep up with the trends from around the world.
MP What style and design trends are you seeing in tile and grout these days?
SC With tile, the style is still very modern (clean lines and simple). For the stone, white and grey marble is what everyone wants and asks for.
MP What challenges do you face in providing great products and services to customers?
SC There is always a risk that some products won’t do as well as we thought. There is always a challenge to keep enough stock in the warehouse for the more popular products.
MP What pastimes do you enjoy?
SC Physical fitness (biking, walking and yoga), dinners with great friends and good wine, and travelling for pleasure and work.
MP Lastly – please let people know how to find you and learn more.
SC We have a 6,000 sf showroom displaying our tiles and slabs. There is a section in the showroom where we have created designer boards to help the customer visualize different palettes. In the same location is our slab gallery where you can pick out the granite, marble or quartzite slab of your choice that suites your needs. Our website is also useful tool to begin your process in selecting out the tiles and slabs for your home or project. Our showroom is located at 2820 Ingelton Avenue in Burnaby.



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