Italy has the ability to produce wines for anyone

Interview with Vito Nardiello of Galileo Wine and Spirits
MP When did you start working for Galileo Wine and Spirits?
VN Galileo Wine & Spirits is an Alberta based wine importer company and I am currently the only wine
representative working out of British Columbia since they came into this market on October 1st, 2011.
We sell mostly Italian and French wines.
MP You import wine from Italy and not only, you travel continuously for work, and you always seem to be
headed off somewhere, do you enjoy your job?
VN I travel all over BC to discover new business every day, ranging from visiting customers like restaurant
owners or sommeliers, private liquor stores, and BC Liquor stores. In my job you need to enjoy working
with people, be okay with the fact that it is not a nine to five job and enjoy a day that is busy and never
the same. I really do love my work –not only does it give me the satisfaction I need in a career, it has a
very classy side to all of it, which I enjoy.
MP Who are some of your Italian wine suppliers?
VN Some of our Italian suppliers are:
From Vento:
Zenato Winery, Peschiera del Garda, Verona
Bisol Desiderio & Figli, Santo Stefano di Valdobbiadene, Treviso
From Piedmond:
Paolo Conterno, Monforte D Alba, Cuneo
Albino Rocca, Barbaresco, Cuneo
Gomba Cascina Boschetti, Barolo, Cuneo
From Tuscany:
Villa Poggio Salvi, Montalcino, Siena
Vignamaggio, Greve in Chianti, Firenze
MP Italy has well over 1,000 grape varietals, over 400 of which are approved by the EU, does this make it
the best wine producer country?
VN Italy produces some of the world’s top wines, like the Pinot Grigio, Trebbiano, Prosecco, Amarone,
Barolo, Chianti, Brunello, Primitivo to name a few. A review I read recently, stated that Italy was the
top producing and top exporter wine in the world that in itself speaks volumes. They have the ability to
produce wines for anyone’s palate and all sorts of occasions.
MP What are your favourite non-Italian wines?
VN I like French wines like Chateau des Laurets, produced by Baron Edmont the Rothchild. It is an excellent
wine with an excellent value for customers.
MP Do you find it easier sharing these wines with drinkers or the trade?
VN As I attend many trade tastings and festivals with all my Italian wines, I really do enjoy both the social
drinkers and the trade tasters. It is always nice to have different conversations with individuals, and help
either educate someone on the wine or speak on the tasting notes with those in the trade to help their
businesses and new menus. Regardless, our table always has a great selection of wines and can be the
busiest in the room at times!
MP What is the biggest challenge you face when selling Italian wines to the Canadian market?
VN Breaking into the Canadian market can be tough, but you simply need to find individuals that really
enjoy old world wines or enjoy fine dining restaurants that serves international cuisine. A challenge that I face is knowledge of the products. When you are able to educate either employees in a liquor store or
servers in a restaurant on the tasting notes of your wines and even have them sample and enjoy the
flavour –they are more likely to promote your wine and educate their customers. With a market that
does enjoy promoting local, offering a different style of selling and promoting our wines can be
MP Looking ahead what are your plans for the future with Galileo Wine and Spirits?
VN The future of Galileo Wine and Spirits relies on the growth and promotion of our products. I would love
to increase business and for everyone to enjoy how wonderful our wine is. In 2011, we only started with
5 Zenato Wines and now we sell over 100 different label of wines. I would like to continue this
momentum and keep moving forward and higher.
As a wine “Connoisseur”, what is your favourite place to visit?
I love to travel in general and see the world, however I tend to visit Europe often. I like visiting both
London and Rome as larger cities to visit in addition to Lago di Garda and Tropea in the Southern Italy.
The old school, elegance and history of these areas are only part of the excitement of enjoying the wines
and food we can enjoy there.
Grazie Vito for joining us!


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