Italian Picnic a Great Success

The organizers of three Italian society picnics awoke in a state anxiety and trepidation Sunday morning. Was it going to be a sunny or raining day? They must have prayed to Sol, the sun god of the ancient Roman Empire because he certainly delivered a beautiful sunny day offering relieve to those who were in doubt. Gallons of Ice came out of the freezer, hundreds of sausages where grilled and slapped into fresh buns and smeared with tons of mustered and relish. One of the societies made pots and pots of spaghetti pasta served with salad and your choice of either a sausage or piece of chicken for only ten bucks. It was proprio deliziciosa.
Over to the Confederation Park we went in order to meet some friends at the Calabrese picnic. We met sixteen-year-old Christina Anselmo who had participated in the Ms. Calabria Pageant last April at which she was designated “Princess”. Congratulation Christina! The Calabrese Cultural Association was founded 25 years ago and is dedicated, in part, to uniting people of Calabrese origin into a large family with a spirit of communication, cooperation and friendship.
Always a major attraction the ever popular Gianni Fuoco and his trio of musicians entertained a large group of onlookers many of whom dancing on the picnic grounds and sang along to their favourite songs. A great and wonderful day was had by all!


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