You should have a dream and DO NOT EVER give up

Interview with Bob Gaglardi founder of Northland Properties Corporation, he serves as its Chairman of the Board and oversees company operations, with a particular concentration on the construction division.
Q: Tell us a little bit about the history and how you became involved with the Northland Properties?
A: My dream as early as twelve years old was to be self employed and be in construction rising buildings. I was born in Langley and I when I was four years old my father and mother who were both ministers opened a church on Kamloops, where I lived until I went to university in Longview, Texas. Upon graduation I moved to Vancouver and created the company, Northland properties Ltd. My father signed a note at the Royal bank for 5000.00 in 1962 and that was how it started.
Q: What are your current strategies?
A: Our current strategies are to continue aggressively to develop and own hotels and restaurants in Canada, UK, USA.
Q: How do you feel being a long-lasting CEO and president?
A: My family, namely my four children are all involved in the business and my oldest son has taken over a lot of the responsibility of running the company.
Q: Inversely, could this continuity be sign of immobility or caution in your management?
A: The Company has been set up and planned for ongoing future management.
Q: Do you have any secret “American dream”? Under what conditions?
A: My dream as a child and furthered, as I got older has been fulfilled.
Q: You have always cultivated a kind of modesty – both personally and regarding the group – is this reasonable in a world where showing strength is appealing to investors?
A: I have come from a very outspoken father, which may be made me remained modest. It has no negative concerns for the business as we are totally owned private company.
Q: What remains to be accomplished?
A: The future is to carry on doing what we have being doing as aggressively as we are, capable, without risk.
Q: How do you feel about being awarded with Italian Canadian of the year 2016?
A: I’m very honored by the award for myself, but mainly for our family. It is something we will always highly cherish.
Q: What are your hobbies?
A: I’m very much into sports. I play tennis, squash and golf every week. I read a lot and I like to draw. I’ve written a book, and I’m considering writing another one.
Q: What is your most cherished childhood memory?
A: One of them would be spending a week with my parents and my brother at the summer cabin on the lake.
Q: What are the top three things in your life you wish you had not done, or done differently from the way you did them? Why?
A: I have no regrets. My life has been better than I ever envision. My dreams have been fulfilled
Q: And finally do you have a message for our readers?
A: Advice: you should have a dream and DO NOT EVER give up. If I could ever say… the one thing that has brought me my dreams it is persistence.


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