Getting Fresh. With Mozzarella.

Maybe pizza was once just a greasy takeout indulgence you enjoyed on nights you didn’t want to cook. But for a while now, pizza has been hitting it out of the park, becoming a terrific dinner option for those looking for a satisfying meal for far less than you would pay at your average fine dining restaurant. And that’s most of us. The pizza I was eating was at Spacca Napoli, a new pizzeria opened on Port Moody. Not exactly what you would call restaurant central, this neighbourhood has great potential.
I’m here on a Sunday (Father’s Day June 20) night, and by 6:30 p.m. it’s already full. By 9 p.m. when I left, the place was jam packed with a definitely anglo italian crowd and a surprisingly older crowd than I would expect to see in a pizza restaurant. No matter what the age, like a scene, people like to have fun and obviously like a good slice with a generous pour of Chianti. The owners here, Naomi, and her husband Giovanni Cresciullo, have a lot to do with this friendly-rambunctuos-electric ambiance. The dining room is run by Naomi, and the kitchen by two chefs Giovanni and Marco Cresciullo. They have done a great job decorating this place with nice chairs, solid wood tables and a large terrace planned for warm-weather pizza noshing. From my seat in the back of the room, I spy the open kitchen where Giovanni and Marco are assembling salads and stretching rounds of pizza dough. I like the high ceilings and the
open concept here and Naomi sure knows how to keep diners entertained, one minute greeting regulars like old friends at the door, the next asking my son whether he likes school. Fun. The menu offers a half dozen starters and 10 pizzas, with a few daily specials worth exploring. The bottles of wine are all good, smartly chosen and certainly
well priced. This isn’t a complicated restaurant – so why complicate things with yet another sommelier-driven list packed with obscure private imports sold all-too-often at inflated prices? As for the food: I enjoyed everything we
ate, and we ate a lot, starting with a classic antipasto. Good stuff. As for pizzas, we opted for three, starting with Margherita, a white pizza topped with fresh mozzarella What gorgeous pizzas!
With more of a thin, crisp crust than the popular Neapolitan-style pizza with its springy, cushy contour, these pies were not only beautiful to look at but also tasted superb. A terrific mixture of strong flavours capped by the soothing fresh mozzarella. All good.
For dessert we passed on their best-selling Nutella pizza and chose the decadent- enough crispy Sicilian Cannoli with
ricotta cheese made it by Cannoli King. With a shot of espresso, perfect. As the crowds continued to gather, I watched Naomi & Co. carrying on delivering pizzas to tables, pouring wines and
greeting customers. At a time when the restaurant industry may be in crisis, it’s nice to see a simple neighbourhood resto doing this well, based on nothing more than good food and friendly service.
Hours: Tue, Wed & Thurs : 4pm-10 pm Friday & Saturday: 4pm-11 pm Sunday: 4pm-10 pm 2801 St Johns St, Port Moody 604-939-5800 NOTE: We do not take reservations


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