New publisher joins Il Marco Polo

A veteran newspaper executive who spent the last 10 years in Montreal and Calgary has been named publisher of Il Marco Polo-L’Unico Giornale Italiano del Western Canada a Servizio della Comunita Italo-Canadese.
Giorgio Moretti, 46, becomed publisher in Vancouver effective May 17 2016, with the retirement of Rino Vultaggio. Moretti most recently is publisher of an English newspaper in Calgary. While he is publisher in Calgary, the newspaper achieved record web site daily circulation. Moretti also helped relaunch the company’s web site and convert the newspaper into a regional print site.
“I feel honored to be coming to Vancouver as publisher,” Moretti said. “It is a strong newspaper that serves the Italian-Canadian community well, and my obligation is to continue to do the good work that the old publisher and the entire team have been doing for years.“We want to be engaged in the community and want engagement from readers in every form,” he added. “We want to be one of the central connecting points in the Italian-Canadian community.”
“I think my experience and credentials make me a perfect fit in Vancouver,” Moretti said. “I have a collaborative style that serve me well with the staff and the community.
“I think being involved civically is an important part of a publisher’s job,” Moretti said. “That is where I am most comfortable and where I think there’s greatest opportunity to serve readers and customers.”
Giorgio Moretti is an immigrant from Europe and in a 1995 was graduate of Polytechnic University as Mechanical Engineer.
He and his wife are parents of Luca, 8 years old.



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